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Christian Spatscheck


My professional background

I am Professor for Theories and Methods of Social Work at the Faculty of Social Sciences of Hochschule Bremen, City University of Applied Sciences since 2008.

During the last years, my main international activities have included:

| Visiting Scholar at Lund University
Ongoing cooperation
with the School of Social Work and Social Welfare (Socialhögskolan) of Lund University since 2007, annual teaching activities in M.A. courses 2008-2013, collaboration in PhD schools and seminars in 2009 and 2017, research activities and publications, Visiting Scholar since 2011.

| Visiting Professor at Università di Pisa, Visitor at EUI Fiesole
Visiting Professor in May/June 2016 and May 2014 at Università di Pisa, 
Dipartimento di Scienze Politiche with teaching, lecturing and publication activities. Visitor at EUI- European University Institute in Fiesole/Firenze in May 2014. Organisation of a student visiting program at Università di Pisa and Università degli Studi di Firenze in 2008.

| ERIS - the European Research Network for Social Work
Representative for Hochschule Bremen as Associate Member in
ERIS, a network with 11 universities from 8 European countries.

| SocNet 98 - European Network of Schools/Universities of Social Work
Representative for Hochschule Bremen in
SocNet98, a network with 16 universities from 12 European countries.

| European Journal of Social Work 
Member of the Editorial Board of the European Journal of Social Work, since 2015. 

| Nordic Social Work Research 
Member of the International Editorial Advisory Board of Nordic Social Work Research, since 2011. 

| Teaching
International teaching activites at Lund University, Hanzehogeschool Groningen, Ghent University, MCI Innsbruck; in SocNet98 International University Weeks in Bournemouth, Helsinki, Linz, Jena, Freiburg, Emden and Bremen; and as an examiner in the European Master of Social Work.

On national level, I also have been teaching at departments for social work and social pedagogy in Düsseldorf, Berlin, Potsdam and Freiburg.

I am a qualified social worker (Dipl.-Soz.-arb. FH, KFH Freiburg) and I hold a diploma in pedagogy (Dipl.-Paed, postgraduate level, PH Freiburg) and a PhD in social pedagogy (TU Berlin). 

Since 2014 I am a elected member of the Board of Directors of the DGSA - German Association of Social Work



My main professional interests

| Theories and methods of social work
| Spatial approaches to social work / Socio-spatial analyses
| Social pedagogy
| Youth work, youth policy and child and youth welfare
| International social work
| Systemic approaches




International lectures and presentations

Theories of Social Work - Reference Models for Research and Practice
Lecture and Workshop in the seminar "Why Social Work Research? What is Social Work Research" at the "School of Social Work and Social Welfare" of Lund University on 08/09/2017.

| Social Work, Human Rights and Diversity - A comparison of concepts and strategies from a European perspective
Impulse lecture and workshop
at the 19th Socnet98 International University Week "Diversity in Contemporary Society" at HUMAK University of Applied Sciences, Helsinki on 04/05/2017.

| Ageing Populations and Spatial Potentials for Integration and Participation in the Community
Presentation in the co-organised symposium "Spatial Approaches to Social Work - Research on Conflicts, Barriers and Possibilities in Socio-spatial Contexts" at the 7th ECSWR - European Conference for Social Work Research at Aalborg University on 20/04/2017. 

| Connections, Disconnections, Reconnections - Youth Work and Social Work in the German Context
Lecture during the "6th History of Youth Work Seminar: "The Social Dimension of Youth Work in History and Today" of the Youth Partnership (Council of Europe and European Commission) and the Maltese Youth Agency in St. Julians/Malta on 22/09/2016.

| Community Development and its Impacts on Quality of Life 
Conceptual and research presentation at the Department of Political Sciences of Pisa University on 13/06/2016

| Quality of Life and Well-being - New Reference Points for Social Work Interventions?
Impulse lecture and workshop at the 18th Socnet98 International University Week "Current Challenges of Social Work in a Globalised World" at Hochschule Emden-Leer on 12/04/2016.

| Quality of Life and Well-being - Tasks for Social Work?
Keynote lecture at the 9th International ERIS Conference "The role of social work in a shifting world – Social change and cohesion as a challenge and mandate of professional social work" at HAW Landshut on 12/10/2015. 

| Youth Cultures, Participation and Civil Society
Lecture during the "5th History of Youth Work Seminar: Autonomy through Dependency" of the Youth Partnership (Council of Europe and European Commission) and the Finnish Youth Research Society in Espoo on 10/06/2014.

| Spatial Approaches to Social Work and Social Development - Theoretical Concepts and Empirical Approaches
Lecture in the PhD-Workshop "Contentious Politics and Space - Constraints and Opportunities" at the Department of Social and Political Sciences of EUI - European University Institute in Fiesole/Florenz on 29/05/2014.

| Spatial and Community-oriented Approaches in German Social Work Theory and Practice - History and current Challenges
Keynote lecture in working seminar "Community-Oriented Approaches of Social Work in Italy and Germany" within the seminar cycle "Theory, Research and Action between Social Work and Social Policy" at the Department of Political Sciences of Pisa University on 08/05/2014.

| Youth Participation - Current Challenges in Germany and Answers from the Civic Education Approach
Keynote lecture in working seminar "Youth condition and Youth Participation in Times of Crisis - Italy and Germany, different pathways, commmon trends" within the PhD program "Ricerca in Scienze Politiche" at the Department of Political Sciences of Pisa University on 07/05/2014.

| Youth Cultures and Alternative Ways of Participation
Impulse lecture at the workshop "Alternative Ways of Particpation" of the "Network: Youth and Participation Project" held by the "NGO Training and Research Center" of Istanbul Bilgi University on 07/02/2014.

| What is the task and role of social work in European welfare societies? Theoretical and historical reflections and conclusions.  
Lecture at the Faculty of Health and Social Studies at University of South Bohemia in Ceské Budejovice on

| Diversity and Anti-discrimation as Key Issues for Social Work
Impulse lecture and workshop during the "SocNet 98 International Social Work Week 2013: Diversity and the processes of marginalization and otherness: giving voice to hidden themes" at Bournemouth University on 18/04/2013.

| On the Function(s) of Social Work in Society. Critical Reflections and Professional Perspectives.   
Guest lecture at the XIOS Hogeschool Limburg in Hasselt, Department of Social Work on 25/10/2012.

| Exploring the barriers of disability - Social space analyses within international research-based teaching projects  
Presentation within the Joint World Conference on Social Work and Social Development: Action and Impact in Stockholm, held together with Prof. Dr. Karin Wolf-Ostermann (Berlin) and Prof. Dr. Kerstin Svensson (Lund) on 10/07/2012.

| Diversity and Anti-discrimation - Challenges for Social Work?
Impulse lecture and workshop during the "International University Week 2012: Transnational Aspects of Social Work" at Catholic University of Applied Sciences Freiburg on 26/04/2012.

Social Network Analysis as Activating Tool for Social Work  
Lecture and workshops within the International Curriculum Week 2012 at the Department of Social Studies of Hanzehogeschool Groningen between 06/03/2012 and 08/03/2012.

| Lifeworld-Oriented Citizenship Education - A Paradox or a Necessity?   
Lecture at the NECE (Networling European Citizenship) Conference 2011 in Warsaw on 18/11/2011.

| What is the Function of Social Work in Society? Critical Reflections from a Professional Perspective.   
Guest lecture at Umeå University, Department of Social Work on  20/10/2011.

| Theory Traditions in Social Work - Knowledge Production in the European Context.  
Lecture at the ERIS Conference "Transnational Convergence, Diffusion and Transfer in Social Policy and Social Work" at Catholic University Eichstätt on 13/10/2011.

| Spatial Thinking in Social Work and Social Pedagogy -  Analyses of Spaces and Strategies against Poverty and Exclusion.  
Lecture and expert workshop at the Department of Social Welfare Studies of Ghent University, held on 05/05/2011.

| Social Space Analysis and Ethnography in Public Space   
Impulse lecture within a workshop at the "International University Week 2011: Social Work in Changing Times" at Hochschule Bremen on 05/04/2011, held together with Prof. Dr. habil. Birgit Bütow, FH Jena. 

| Lebenswelten von Jugendlichen kennen: Sozialraumanalysen als lebensweltorientierte Form der Beteiligung und Aktivierung sowie als Informationsquellen für Wirkungsanalysen.   
Impulse lecture at the conference "Jugendpolitik in der DG Belgiens: Jugend ist Zukunft" on 26/03/2011 in Eupen/Belgium, held together with Prof. Dr. Ulrich Deinet, FH Düsseldorf.

| Client Activation and Participation -  The Possibilities of Socio-Spatial Approaches within Social Work.  
Lecture and workshops within the International Curriculum Week 2011 of the Department of Social Studies of Hanzehogeschool Groningen between 08/03/2011 and 10/03/2011.

| Degree Programs of Social Work in Germany and Bremen - Current Challenges and Developments.  
Lecture within a visiting program for the whole staff of the School of Social Work of University College Lillebaelt (Denmark) at Hochschule Bremen on 15/11/2010.

| Youth Work and Youth Culture through History.  
Lecture at the "1st European Conference on the History of Youth Work and Youth Policy" in Ghent/Belgium on 06/07/2010.

| Theory Development in Social Work - Outlines of the German Debate between Social Work and Social Pedagogy.  
Keynote at the 7. FESET Seminar "Social Pedagogical Approaches in Social Professions" at Osnabrueck University of Applied Sciences on 22/04/2010.

| Knowledge Production in Social Work - German Debates within the European Context. 
Lecture at the NordForsk Summer School "Knowledge Production in Social Work - Nordic and European perspectives", held at the Faculty of Philosophy of Vilnius University/Lithuania on 19/08/2009. 

| Social Space Analysis - Youth and Youth Cultures in Public Life in the Context of Activating Research Methods.
Impulse lecture during the "International University Week 2009" at Upper Austria University of Applied Sciences in Linz on 22/04/2009

| The Education for Social Work in Germany – Requirements and Developments
Lecture for the Delegation of the Henan Province / Peoples Republic of China for an exchange on Social Work in Germany at the International Graduate Center of Bremen University of Applied Sciences on 14/11/2008 (in German, translated into Mandarin).

| Social Work and Social Work Education – The German Perspective
Public lecture at the Department of Social Work of Lund University/Sweden, held on 12/09/2008 with Prof. Dr. Karin Wolf-Ostermann, Berlin.

| Social Space Analyses within the Context of Social Work
Presentation and three day workshop on social space analyses for M.A. students of the Department of Social Work at Lund University/Sweden between 08/09/2008 and 10/09/2008, held together with Prof. Dr. Karin Wolf-Ostermann, Berlin. 
>>Publication (1,7 MB)

| Social Work and Social Work Education in Germany
for the Workshop "Cooperation in the Field of Social Work" at Università di Pisa, Facoltà di Scienze Politiche, on 03/07/2008, held together with Prof. Dr. Karin Wolf-Ostermann, Berlin.

| The History of Youth Work in Europe – The German Perspective
Lecture within the workshop "The History of Youth Work in Europe and its Relevance for today's Youth Work Policy"
by the Youth Partnership (Council of Europe and European Commission) in Blankenberge/Belgium on 28/05/2008.

| Six Public Functions of Social Work - A Controversial Discussion in Search of a Social Work as a Human Rights Profession
Lecture during the IFSW World Conference 2006 in Munich on 31/07/2006.

| SICSW – Society for International Cooperation in Social Work – What we do and how you can get involved
Poster presentation during the IFSW World Conference 2006 in Munich on 31/07/2006.

| Youth and Community Work in Germany – Theory and History
Lecture during the International Week of the "10th European Summer School" at Alice Salomon University of Applied Sciences Berlin on 08/06/2005.



Further international activities

| SICSW - Society for International Cooperation in Social Work
Foundation and development
of the Society for International Cooperation in Social Work ( with Prof. Dr. Stefan Borrmann and Prof. (FH) Dr. Michael Klassen. A project for the promotion of the internationalization of social work with currently four activities: IRN - The International Research Network for Social Workthe information platform " - Socialwork in Germany" and international publications like the book "International Social Work".

| Study and work visits to the UK
Two study visits to the UK for half a year each; full time working experience at the The Prince´s Trust, London (Evaluation of the Sound Live Seminars, 1999) and the Leigh Centre, Glastonbury (Residential Care, 1994).

| Teaching experience in English
Several seminars on Theories and History of Social Work and Theories of Education" at Düsseldorf University of Applied Sciences, annual M.A. and PhD Seminars at Lund University since 2008, guest teaching activities at Hanzehogeschool Groningen, University of Ghent and Università di Pisa. 



Contact details


office address:
Prof. Dr. Christian Spatscheck
Hochschule Bremen, University of Applied Sciences
Fakultät Gesellschaftswissenschaften
Neustadtswall 30
28199 Bremen

0049 (0) 421 - 5905-2762